RE-styled.   RE-loved

Upcycled fabrics and trimmings with a new purpose.

Re-incarnating and re-imagining the discarded to create one-of-a-kind purses and accessories. 

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Hello.  My name is Jacquelyn, and I'm a thrifter.  An unabashed, unapologetic thrifter.   ​Early in life, my mother taught me to sew.  I wasn't destined to be a master tailor, but at 10 years old, the feeling of being able to make something unique was exhilarating.  Through the years, I developed a passion for antiques (thanks Mom!), thrifting and yard sales (thanks Grandma!) and all things vintage.  Oh, and I can never sit still when good dance music is playing... but that's another story.

So, did that parlay into a lifetime of creative endeavours?  No. The security of a 'city job' kept me typing and warming an office chair for 31 years.

​Retirement reawakened the need to search for my creative groove.  Luckily I stumbled - moreso tripped - on an outlet that merged my love for thrifting and sewing; making unique bohemian styled bags and accessories.   Finally I found a use for my stashes of upcycled material, trims, vintage and costume jewelry.   And, production involves more thrifting, yard sales and flea markets!  Be still my heart!

​RE finery creations are unconventional; a little hippy, a little steampunk, a little bit worn, tattered and torn.  Bottom line, my accessories are not for those looking for something quiet and understated. 


Hopefully you'll find a treasure that makes you smile and lets everyone know there's more to you than meets the eye..... and a background song playing in your head that always makes you want to dance.




“The big problem I have with Refinery is picking a favourite!  The detail and creativity that goes into each product is truly impressive.  It is important to me as a consumer, to support Canadian artists who share my environmental concerns; so Refinery ticks every box for me.”  L.G.

“What attracted me first was the colour...  It had to accommodate my mini iPad and cellphone, and still leave a little room for a few basic essentials.  What I chose covered everything that I was looking for, including a reasonable price.”  B.B.S.


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Leamington, Ontario, Canada 

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